• Hurray! Finally out of beta!
  • Added SimBrief dispatch shortcut on search results
  • Added cookie consent and privacy page
  • Fixed and perfected the responsiveness for smaller devices
  • Fixed the page jumping when tooltips for icons open
  • Fixed search results showing closed or heli aerodromes
  • Fixed an issue with going back would leave search button disabled in some browsers

Beta 5

  • New design
  • Added new and better paramter icons
  • Added thousands delimiter on values
  • Fixed mobile and tablet optimizations
  • Fixed further optimized search times

Beta 4

  • Added advanced search
  • Added hot airport parameter for airports with 10+ movements
  • Added reduced sight parameter
  • Added more VATSIM data: Which ATC is online and what event is running until when

Beta 3

  • Added new search ranking options, no need to search for bad weather only anymore
  • Added possibility to search for 6+ hour flights
  • Added country flags to results
  • Added tooltips over countries and icons
  • Fixed results showing #2 and above, rather than #1 (also explains some obvious missing airports on bad days)
  • Fixed proper search error if fields are missed
  • Fixed breaking action misintepreted as RVR

Beta 2

  • Optimized loading times
  • Fixed TAFs
  • Fixed old METARs
  • Added runway lengths in meters
  • Mobile tweaks

Beta 1

  • Initial release